Build Cycling Power with the Dead lift

Build Cycling Power with the Dead lift

The key for cyclists is to not to strength train to failure as this will effect your overall cycling programme, which is counter productive. 

Use compound movements as much as possible, this improves your overall strength, coordination and mobility, which translates into gains for your sport. Body building type isolated movements contribute little to being a better endurance athlete. 

A simple routine would be the 5 exercises of 5-8 reps, 1-2min rest between sets, 3 times a week. Go heavy, using weights that allow you to lift no more than two reps in that set. Eg- If you can deadlift 75kg for a maximum of 8 reps, your set should be around 5-6 rep mark for the same weight. 

Exercises to get you started: 

Kettlebell swings

Dumbbell push-press 

Barbell/Dumbbell Squat 

Deadlift with trap-bar/dumbbells or smith machine 


Dumbbell pullover 

Push ups 

Hanging leg raises 


15 sec planks 

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