Adult swim groups

Swim Smooth Singapore 

The squad focuses on different aspects that are important to improving your fitness, technique and efficiency. Structured using every swimmer's individual threshold pace (CSS). 


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Elevate Performance Swim Squad 

Sessions will be a mixture of technique, strength endurance, speed and triathlon-specific training.  Sessions distances of 1500-4000m (depending on ability group and session type), focusing on various intensities including aerobic, anaerobic and VO2 max sessions. 

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Wellbred Swim Squad 

Suitable for Those interested in maximizing athletic potential via smart systems training and looking to build consistency in training via a periodised program. Ideal for athletes who require external help in achieving specific goals after hitting a plateau.




Georgy Stolyarov 

The program is tailored to meet your individual needs. From those who want to overcome water fear, swimming to keep fit, to those who want to swim competitively and (those who want to) improve their swimming component for (Biathlon/Triathlon) bi/triathlon.


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