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Secret Training SG

Athlete's Saver Pack

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Flavours options for humid weather super hydration drink

A nutritional collection to support your training! 

Carefully selected products to ensure that you stay hydrated for performance in hot and humid weather.  

Humid weather super hydration drink for hydration during exercise. 

Effervesent hydration tablets for convinient zero calorie electrolytes and sodium rehydration solution for heavy sweaters 

Advanced isotonic energy gels to fuel during exercise . (can be consumed without water) 

1 X Humid weather Super hydration drink mix (Choose your flavour!) 

1 X 800ml Camo Graphic Drink bottle 

2 X Advanced isotonic energy gels  

1 X Real Fruit Premium energy gel 

1 X Hydration tablets in Blackcurant (20 per tube)