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TD Bintan Cyclist Racer Pack

TD Bintan Cyclist Racer Pack

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A carefully selected set of race day products for an effective fuelling plan from STEALTH as used by our champion pro-team partners on Grand Tours. 


-> BiG energy pro isotonic drinks mixes to 90g carbs per 500ml in an isotonic solution, depending on you bottle size this should cover you energy needs for 2-3hrs of riding. 

-> Caffeine Berry Energy Gels to delay fatigue and increased focus. 

-> Advanced Isotonic energy gels for consumption without water. No juggling your bottle when needing to take an energy gel

->Real Fruit Premium Energy gels. Our best tasting energy gels! 

BiG Energy Pro Drink Watermelon  X 1  

Advanced isotonic Energy Gel X 7

Light weight 600ml/750ml race bottle X 2

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